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Who We Are

Two women. Two very different journeys. Walking each other into the Wild.


Casey Graham

Co-Owner, Yoga Teacher, Healer

I've always felt a little bit...fringy.  A little unusual.  It's not like I felt I didn't belong per se, rather it felt like I didn't quite fit in. 

For the most part, I have been at peace with this aspect of myself even if I didn't fully understand its function.  It wasn't until I began to deepen my relationship with myself through Yoga and communication with the magick of the Universe that the pieces slid together in my soul.

I've always been Wild, blazing unabashedly to the beat of my own drum. 

To me, wild does not mean out of control or dangerous.  It means accessing your most authentic self and empowering yourself to live your truth no matter what.  It is allowing yourself to be as you are in the moment, regardless of whether or not that fits other people's narrative of you. 

I've been a loner, a partner, an athlete, an artist, a friend, a lover, sick, healthy, depressed, elated, anxious, calm, a witch, an atheist, afraid, courageous, lost and found.  I've been these things and more simultaneously and separately.  I have always been everything. 

My name is Casey.  And I am WILD.

Casey is E-RYT 200, YACEP and Reiki II Certified

Casey holds a B.S. in Exercise Science

Casey Graham


Co-Owner, Yoga Teacher, Healer

I'm not one to take things for granted, to accept without questioning whatever's laid before me, but I've witnessed enough coincidence to believe in synchronicity. 


I've experienced enough miracles that my faith in Spirit is profound.

I've never been one to follow the crowd.  I always knew there was something bigger, something more exciting and critical going on.  And yet, I was always looking outward to learn about myself - to astrology, to my parents, to musicians and writers.  I defined myself in terms of who I was to others: sister, daughter, mother, student. 


I internalized their opinions of me: she's such a nerd, she's really out there, she's super emotional.  I wore myself out fighting to perfectly live up to others' impressions of me. 

Years into my Yoga journey, I stopped fighting.  I realized that whether I acceded to or rebelled against another's opinion, I was letting them define the conversation.  When I quietly turned inward, when I became the watcher of my inner landscape, what I heard again and again was - I am huge! I am vast - there is no limit to who I am and what I can be. 


I am water, I am fire; I am the comforter, I am the challenger; I am the hurricane, I am the eye.  Everything I could possibly need is right here, within. 

My name is Ali.  And I am WILD.

Ali is RYT-200, YA, Warrior Kids' Yoga and Reiki II Certified

Ali holds a B.A. and a J.D.

Ali Duchesne

"Fear doesn’t make perfect love untrue any more than passing clouds make the stars untrue."

- Glennon Doyle

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