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What We Offer

Be Wild Yoga offers liberating, empowering yoga, ranging from sweet restorative to athletic vinyasa practices, all designed to guide you back to your Wild. 


Part of Being Wild is determining and honoring your sacred space, time and energy.

We know and believe this.

In addition to our brick and mortar studio located

at 56 Arbor Street in Hartford, CT,

we have developed a virtual and traveling yoga studio. 

Our full schedule of classes is available via Zoom and

we offer private individual or group sessions

at your home or workplace, or in our studio.  

Wherever you are, we'll meet you there. 


Live, in-person, and virtual.

Soft and foundational or strong and athletic. Wherever you are,

Be Wild Yoga will meet you there. 


Be Wild Yoga offers private sessions for individuals, groups, businesses,

and your special events.


Yoga is a lifestyle.

There's so much more to Being Wild than just rolling out your mat. 

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Be Still

Restorative Yoga Class

Deeply reconnect with yourself. Slow down and rest to recalibrate your mind, body, and heart. This class uses props and the long, supported holds are meant for every body. The perfect antidote to the barrage of daily demands or the ideal counterpoint to your athletic practice.

Be Still - your wild awaits.

Be Kind

Gentle and Foundational Yoga Class

Build your wild soul's home on a foundation of solid granite. An essential class for all practitioners, you will be introduced to the mind-body connection and create breath awareness. Focusing on fundamental Yogic principles and strong bodily alignment, you will use props generously as you stretch your body and mind. 

Be Kind - this is just the beginning.

Be You

All-Levels Vinyasa Yoga Class

Tap into authenticity and stand in your power. Be totally YOU in this all-levels vinyasa class designed to expand your physical, mental, and emotional strength through unique sequencing and movement tied to breath. Develop your mind-body connection and practice vulnerability as you learn to show up for yourself and expand your edge. 

Be You - the wild is within.

Be Wild

Power Vinyasa Yoga Class

Immerse yourself in your own wildness in this full-on power vinyasa class. You will move. You will sweat. You will feel. You will be challenged.  You will meet yourself in ways you had forgotten were possible. Drop out of your ego and into your body as you flip, fly, fall, get back up, and try again.

Come Be Wild with us!

Into the Wild

Self-Guided, Self-Paced Group Practice

Our most advanced offering, Into the Wild is inspired by Mysore Yoga practice.  We open the studio, provide heat, music and props and welcome you to get on your mat for a self-guided, self-paced practice in a group setting.  Practitioners of any level of experience are welcome to attend; what makes this practice advanced is that the only guidance provided to you comes from the teacher within.      

Walk Into the Wild together!

Yoga Classes

Private Sessions

Be Wild Yoga offers private sessions and classes for individuals, groups, and businesses - in person or virtually.


We would be honored to be a part of your birthday party, wedding weekend, corporate retreat, team building event, or children's party.

Private sessions are a great way to deepen your own practice or receive individual attention, and they allow you to schedule classes around your life. 

We offer private sessions on Zoom or in our Arbor Street studio in increments of 30 or 60 minutes for individuals or groups, with rates starting at $45.


In-person private sessions for groups (2+ people) in our studio, at your home, event location, or business are 60-minutes and start at $200.


Please reach out directly for more information on private sessions and pricing.

Private Sessions
Wilder Things

Wilder Things


Reiki is hands-on or hands-above energy healing that is suitable for people of all ages, including babies.  Reiki is an ancient healing modality, originating in Japan, that calls upon the ever-present life force ('ki' or 'chi') of the Universe (some call it Spirit, or Divinity, we call it Love) to flow through the practitioner into the client's body and energy field.  It can never do any harm; it is completely safe.  Clients report feeling like they're coming out of an amazing night's sleep after one 60-minute Reiki session.  


Some of the observed benefits of Reiki include:

  • improved sleep quality

  • decreased tension and anxiety

  • faster healing of physical injury

  • improved mood and emotional well-being

  • improved pain management

Reiki Healing Sessions:

30-min Reiki Session - $45

60-min Reiki Session - $85


Oracle Readings

Oracle Cards are a powerful tool of divination - allowing the "divine wisdom" to flow through the reader to support their intuitive knowing.  Oracle Card readings with Ali or Casey are a wonderful way to receive guidance and insight from your own "spiritual team" on any type of question you may have:  practical, spiritual, or emotional.  Readers do not claim to tell the future or read minds, rather they open a channel to the querent's own guides.    

Oracle Card Readings:

30-min Oracle Reading - $45

60-min Oracle Reading - $85


Guided Meditation

Meditation is an integral part of starting and maintaining a mindful lifestyle. Studies have shown that meditation results in lowered stress levels, lowered blood pressure, lowered resting heart rate, improved sleep, and a greater sense of overall well-being. We provide 15 or 30-minute guided meditations to support beginner and veteran meditators in their practice. We use a variety of cues, tools, and meditation styles to engage our clientele.

Zoom Meditation:

15-minute guided meditation -  $30

30-minute guided meditation - $55


Gemstone Healing Jewelry

Bespoke, hand-knotted healing necklaces and bracelets.  We use only high-quality crystal gemstones and natural beads to support your specific healing intentions. Your piece will be energetically cleansed and Reiki-charged specifically for you. You will receive a personalized write-up on the metaphysical properties of the stones selected for you, as well as a sheet on Getting to Know your Healing Jewelry. Consultations may include an Oracle Card reading, to determine the attributes best suited to your intention. 

Healing Crystal Necklace - starting at $128

Healing Crystal Bracelets (3) - starting at $60

Jewelry making workshops available - starting at $125 per person


Every week you can catch us chatting on Instagram about a wide variety of topics and how they tie into Yoga and our healing journeys. From current events, to personal experiences, to random thoughts and observations, we open up, get vulnerable, and dive head-first into uncomfortable topics.  Suggestions, requests for topics, and your participation in the conversation are always welcome!

What we're reading, what we're eating, how we've been coping with life during the global COVID-19 pandemic.  Here are the lists of things we love.  

Being Wild means staying open to the possibility of growth.  We are pleased to share opportunities for expanding your mind and spirit through collaborations with other teachers whose work we support and admire.  From Astrology and Tarot to practicing Ahimsa in your culinary lifestyle, check back here frequently to explore the greater Wild with us.     

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