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Meditation Bell Chakra Stack
  • Meditation Bell Chakra Stack


    A stack of seven bracelets. Each bracelet is strung together with 8mm Rosewood beads and 6mm gemstones (corresponding to the seven chakras that line the Sushumna Nadi), along with one small meditation bell per bracelet. Bell tones are often used in meditation practices to focus one's mind and breath, to signify the start of the practice and to close the practice.


    Root Chakra - Bracciated Jasper for strength, security and healing

    Sacral Chakra - Moonstone for intuition, creativity, and expression

    Solar Plexus Chakra - Citrine for positivity, attracting prosperity, and confidence

    Heart Chakra - Unakite for balancing emotion and spirituality, compromise, and strength

    Throat Chakra - Blue Aventurine for meaningful communication and verbally expressing Truth

    Third Eye Chakra - Labradorite for intuition, raising consciousness, and connecting to your Guides/Higher Power

    Crown Chakra - Amethyst for healing, deep understanding, and trust

    SKU: MBCS7
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