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Maiden-Mother-Crone Stack
  • Maiden-Mother-Crone Stack


    A stack of three bracelets meant to signfy the trifecta energy of the feminine lifestyle.


    The Maiden bracelet strings together 8mm Clear Quartz beads (symbolizing the purity and potential of youth), 3mm golden spacers, and 8mm Rosewood beads - segmented in groups of three to speak to this first step in this 3-part journey


    The Mother bracelet bears a Triskele charm flanked by polished pieces of Rose Quartz. The Triskele is an ancient Magickal symbol that has been given many meanings over the years; all coming back to the powerful energy behind the number 3. Here, it is the anchor for Maiden-Mother-Crone motif. Rose Quartz amplifies the energy of Lovingness and compassion, attributes often given to Mothers. 8mm Rosewood beads are grouped in sixes (the second step of the trifecta), segmented by 3mm golden spacers.


    The Crone bracelet is strung together with 8mm Rosewood beads in segments of nine (the third and final step of this theme) with 3mm golden spacers. Inbetween the Rosewood, there are 8mm Black Lava stone to represent the groundedness that age brings.



    SKU: MMCS3
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